2010. február 6., szombat

Daddy has moved

As unbelievable as it is, I've started to write a blog. I've never thought I will, but now that our lives are about to change so dramatically by moving away from this well known life and routine I felt I should save these happenings in writing for the future. At the same time I have my doubts about how creative and persistant I will be:-).

Peter has today moved to Qatar for good. He arrived safely, which is nice especially after that we just had a terrible trip to Hungary last saturday with Soffi, where our flight was cancelled because of the weather in Hungary, and on sunday it was delayed because of the weather in Copenhagen.

We had to stay in a hotel in Copenhagen for one night, without our luggage and etc. alone with an infant ... not so nice... But it was nice anyway, because our daughter is an angel and she coped with the situation as a hero and afterall we had a relaxing night at the hotel, slept 11 hours both of us... well, I wouldn't have done that if wasn't for the cancelation, that's for sure!!

Peter is now sitting in his hotel room -well, probably eating his dinner by now - in Doha, he will stay there for another 2-3 nights and then he moves to the temporary house we get until our furnitures will arrived around the end of April.

We have 3 more weeks to spend in Denmark then Soffi and I will move after him. This is a strange period for all of us, but we believe that we are about to experience the time of our lives. Until that --- we have skype:-), and thank Gud for that!!! (and of course the guys who invented it)

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