2010. február 28., vasárnap

Last day in DK and travelling to Qatar

Wednesday morning we went back to the house to finish the cleaning and to give the keys to Pauline, who rented our house. Here are some pictures of the real cleaning lady, who took the job seriously indeed:-).

We had some fun with an amount of trash, buying big plastic bags and beer, buying presents, and after we managed all that - we headed back to the train station, where I left my mum and Soffi (I don't know what I've done without her!) so that I could drive to GASA and deliver my car. From there Henrik and Anders drove me back to train station. We had a lot of luggage:

On the way to Copenhagen on the train:

Wednesday evening we stayed at a hotel near the airport in Copenhagen, and thursday early morning we took the shuttle bus to the airport. My mum had a plane at 10 o'clock to Budapest and we had a flight to Frankfurt at 9.05. It was pretty lucky... Actually originally it was even luckier, because we should have had a flight at 10.20, but because of the Lufthansa strike it was changed.
At the airport, already in the transit:

In Frankfurt at the gate to the Doha flight Soffi made friends with the whole flight, as at least 20 japanese students found her so cute that they started taking pictures of her and leting her play with their fancy cameras and mobile phones, thay laughed so much that the rest of the waiting passengers started lifting their heads up, and soon everybody was looking at us:-). I couldn't help smiling at this funny scene eigther:-)

This is on the plane very late, not sleeping:-). She found an Italian man as her best buddy, and was playing with him almost the whole flight:

Around 22.45 we arrived at Doha international airport, nice and warm, ready for a new adventure.

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