2010. február 28., vasárnap

The moving ceremony

After talking and talking about that we are moving to Qatar, Tilføj billedethe day arrived when I had my last day at work on the 22nd of february 2010- a very emotionel experience - the same day in the afternoon 2 guys appeared at our door from Alfa Moving and started packing down everything we own. This was around 4.30 pm, where I was supposed to be at the post office, instead Nickolai arrived too to fix our roof above the entrance door, which was somewhat destroyed under all that snow, a little later Pernille and her wonderful family arrived to pick up a bicycle and a trailer ( that I got from Júlianna when she moved to NY in december 2009 - never got to use it:-) ) and some plants - maybe not the best logistics planning from my side, BUT nobody complained ;-). That's how it is, when you're short on time... And yet, I've not been to the post office at that point...
The guys kept on packing until 8 pm - well, if they'd known what the day after would bring, they might have packed longer:-)... but we didn't know...

Tuesday early morning I drove Soffi to her last day at Bentes, and hurried back because Bo and Kim (Alfa Moving) came at 8 am. They started packing... until around 5 pm... everything looked like following their plan as to finish around 8-9 pm.

My mum and I went to the bank, grocery stores, petrol station, cleaned my car, which I had to give back on wednesday... so we managed to organize a lot of stuff...while the packing went on at the house.
Around 3 pm a 40 feet container arrived at Jeppesensvej 4:-)

In the afternoon we went to pick up Soffi and say goodbye to Bente and Poul, who were so nice and made coffee for us, gave presents to Soffi. It wasn't easy to say goodbye to them either, Soffi got really attached to Bente during these 6 months she spent at her daycare.
Then we went home, and house looked like this:

In the middle of this mass we got two nice visitors, who also wanted to say goodbye to us:-)... Sofie and Soffi enjoyed pretty much this lack of order and found it amusing to play with the big table belonging to the garden inside the living room:-).

In the evening on the way to the hotel we stopped by for a China box, then we drove to the Cabin Hotel right next to the train station, where my mum stayed with Soffi so that I could go back to the house where the guys were sitll on... this was around 9 pm.

When I arrived back they were supposed to be done according to the original plan, and I was just supposed to clean up a little and head it back to the hotel... Yeah sounds like a nice plan:-)... Instead there were still boxes all around the house, they haven't even finished packing everything into boxes not to mention loading them to the container... And so I waited and waited, and finally where it started to clear out, I could begin to clean a little...

Finally the boxes were fully loaded at 1:30 am! A long long night for all of us! But

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