2010. március 30., kedd

Smashing fun in the sun - noooot

We were invited by Peter's work again to a saturday beach program this weekend. The invitation said 'Smashing fun in the sun', - it was supposed to be a very amuzing day with volleyball on the beach and some other funny stuff... Instead to start with, the sun wasn't shining almost at all, and we were the only ones, who had a child with us... Everybody else was about the same age as we were, but without a baby,,, soooo it's quite different... otherwise there was no volleyball as it was very windy and after around one and a half hours the rest of the group decided to go dune bashing, which we didn't really feel like doing with Soffi in the back seat, so we decided to drive home...

Well, the trip to the beach was really funny and Soffi enjoyed the water and the sand as she always does:-)... The dune bashing sounds and looks like fun too, but we just didn't plan to do that... it was nice just to try it in a decent way just on the beach... but we are looking forward to do it one day...

Here you find the pictures of the trip:

2010. március 26., péntek

The Pearl

Today we have finally been to The Pearl. The Pearl (http://www.thepearlqatar.com/) is an artificial peninsula - very much like The World in Dubai - situated around 20 km north of downtown Doha. It is still under construction, so there were almost more cranes to see than ready buildings:-).
The view is unbelievable and the luxury is unspeakable! Almost all the famous designers has at least one shop there, the most luxurious cars and appartments are there at one place. Although not every cafés and shops are open yet, and not every penthous appartment buildings are ready yet, you can easily imagine where it leads to.
We were surprised tough, how few people there were!!? I mean it's not a finished project, but there is already a lot to see! It's incredible how people would rather spend the day in an airconditioned shopping mall than out in the sun in such an environment, and it wasn't even that hot today (max. 30 degrees)... We should grab the chance to be outside, because in a couple of months it will be impossible!
Well, it was a lovely day... Soffi enjoyed it and so did we...

You'll find the rest of the pictures here:


Enjoying the pool

The cleaning lady

This is our new houskeeper:-), she finds it very funny to handle the vacuum cleaner, nevertheless it is pretty irritating when she keeps switching it off while I'm using it:-)

2010. március 22., hétfő

Entertaining Ms. Soffi

As my job for now is to take care of Soffi, I'm always trying to find different entertainments for her, which is not so easy. What makes it even more difficult as it is, is that we don't have any friends here, who could help bringing some variety in our days. The latter has started to change as we both yesterday and today have been out at some neighbuors' houses and had a couple of very nice hours each time. There is hope for our social life:-)!

We have a mini playground at this compound that we visit almost every day. There aren't many toys, but we manage to spend a half an hour there anyway every time, there are also two swings, but not the kind for babies, so mummy has to do the swing together with Soffi:-).

She actually does slide down by herself:
And we of course have the pool, where we already became regular visitors. Soffi just simply loves the water, if we just pass by the pool area without going inside, she climbs up the fence and screams that she wanna go in.

This is the new best game, pushing the pram around, all alone!!! And nobody is allowed to help, she can of course not coordinate that big thing alone, but as soon as we want to bring it to the right direction she points at your hand and screams at you to stop! Because she can do it alone:-)!!! Well she can't!
In the weekends it's obviously easier, when Peter is around. This weekend we've visited the Cirkus Land at the Landmark Mall. This is at the entrance:
And this video was made inside, where she was driving this car/airplane/thing... Look how she works the stearing wheel:-), she even pushes the buttons! She knew exactly what to do, we were so amazed, where does she get it from? At first I thought she might get scared when starts moving, but she enjoyed it indeed:-).

2010. március 20., szombat

At the hairdresser

We have been out for shopping yesterday afternoon, when we see this hairdresser specially for kids. We see monitors on each table front of the high chairs showing Tom & Jerry cartoons. At first we pass by and start talking about how we should let Soffi's hair cut to get it grow faster. So we decide to turn back and ask how we arrange an appointment... We enter the door, I just open my mouth for asking my questions, but at that very moment the lady turns the chair towards us and showing that she should jump in. So I lift Soffi up, and as soon as I do that she starts crying - of course... But I'm thinking to myself, now we're here, so let's do this:-)...

I don't think we've spent there more than 10 minutes tops from entering the shop, having the hair done, paying and leaving again... This is efficient business:-)... It was all in all 30 QR - probably that's why it got a little uneven some places but we'll live with it:-)... For this money we can come every week if we need to... I just don't think Soffi would agree:-)

This is a before picture (wearing her new Converse sneakers:-) ):
And all these are after pictures. We were out eating in the evening, we found this Italian restaurant, which we decided to try. It wasn't an Osteria da Clara or a La Piazza, but at least it wasn't fast food again:-):
Soffi loves pasta, so she was actually eating:

2010. március 17., szerda

4 wheels

This is the beautiful car we bought this week, so that Soffi and I can move around in the town, as here walking, biking or taking the bus is not quite an option. I haven't got the chance driving it yet, guess who does instead:-)?

Soffi in the mall

This video was taken over a week ago, last tuesday evening after Soffi have had a late nap in the afternoon, she was entertaining the whole shopping mall at 7 pm, (by this time she usually sleeps) by laughing and 'talking' so loud that no one could avoid hearing her, we were to slow and didn't capture it on her peak though:-)...

2010. március 15., hétfő

IAAF World Indoor Championships in Athletics DOHA 2010

Sunday afternoon as Soffi was well again, we headed to The Aspire Dome to watch the finals of the World Indoor Championships in Athletics, the place is actually around 500 meters from our compound so we didn't have to go far:-). The weather was pretty summery with an outside temperature of 42 degrees, hothothot, I think you can feel it just by looking at the pictures:-).

This is the Fan Zone you can see here, not that many fans though... they say there where much more people the first two days, probably also because sunday is a weekday here:

These orange coloured banners and flags - you can see in the backround - were all over the town -they say- in the last couple of months as a part of the markating campaign. Doha was very proud to host this event, this was only the second time in history that this championship were being held in Asia.

And here we are already inside, after standing in line - if you can call that chaos at the doors a line- for about half an hour and after Peter bargaining for better seats with a qatari lady than our tickets gave us the right for- so we ended up where?, just behind this sight:-):

There were all in all 3 Hungarian contestants of the games, and only one of them reached that far, so he participated on sunday. He entered in the 60m Hurdles, and actually made it all the way to the finals, and that man's back with the Hungary inscription is his trainer, funny that out of all those seats we got the ones just behind them:-).

Here is the man: Daniel Kiss. He was running here for the first time, he reached a 4th place and by that he could enter the final.
In the meantime Soffi made friends with two Jamaican guys sitting next to us:-)
She enjoyed it so much
As you can see, the VIP section for the local big shuts was rather empty:
And here he is running in the final, he didn't win though, ended on the 8th place, but it was great he made it that far.
When we were going home, the temperature was still over 30 degrees outside.
We came home with an exhausted Soffi and a very tired mummy:-) after a colourful evening indeed.

40,6 degrees Celsius

Soffi has scared the hell out of us last weekend. She started to have high feber thursday morning, but then I thougt it must be the AC, which we turned on for the first time on wednesday... but it kept on being that high, when Peter got home from work she had a fever over 40 degrees Celsius (or 103 Fahrenheit - as our thermometer went gakgak during its trip to Doha and started showing the temperature in Fahrenheit, so I had to convert it to Celsius every time I took her temperature, that's just what you need in a situatuation like that), so we decided to see a doctor.

We still don't have a qatari ID - well only Peter does - his insurance at the company is still not officiel, but what the hell we had to do something, so we ended up in a hyper modern private hospital ( Al - Ahli Hospital http://www.ahlihospital.com/ ). As she had a fever so high, we were welcome at the E.R., there we had to pay 300 QR for consultation, then she was examined by a doctor within 5 minutes, she got medication and they took different samples from her (she was screaming the whole time -terrible), then we payed again 150 QR for the examination, but at that point her fever was down at 38,8 degrees Celsius, so Igladly reached out for my wallet:-), then down to the pharmacy bought 4 different kinds of medication for 89 QR!!!! - that's very cheap, for that kind of money you don't even get 1 box of pills eighter in Hungary or Denmark.

Well, all in all a very good experience about the qatari health system, which we - to be completely honest - feared a lot; not to mention that if we had the insurance all this would have been for free, even the medicin. However there was one negativity that the doctor spoke a poor poor English, so we had trouble understanding his directions... this might have been the reason why Soffi's temperature was not falling at all during friday eighter, so we repeated the whole story again friday afternoon with Soffi having a fever over 40 degrees Celsius. Not so funny...

So there were we again at the E.R., luckily met by an other pediatrician, who spoke a very good English, got an other type of antibiotic, Soffi screamed again, but but but her temperature fell again because of the pill she got there, so we decided to celebrate it with a Strawberry shake, which she loves:-).

Since then she had been just fine, the fever is gone, and she is all happy again:-).

2010. március 10., szerda

Best of Soffi - Vol.1.

Our little Baby is becoming a lady day by day. It is incredible to think about, she was just a tiny girl 15 months ago, who couldn't do anything, we could almost carry her around in our palms - well Peter could - and now she walks, runs, eats, drinks herself, she is about to start talking, at least finding funny ways to express herself, she is about to loose the diper!!! She is much more a child now than a baby, and we are so proud of her!
She had a couple of difficult days the first week we moved here, but it's understandable. It's not the easiest even for an adult to adjust to a new culture, new environment, new temperature, so of course she was a little confused. We moved in to this huge house -at least compared to the one we were used in DK-, which is furnished with foreign furniture, equipped with foreign equipments, so even if it's a house it still feels more like a hotel.
We don't know anybody here, YET, there are many children in the compound, but they are of course in daycare or kindergarten during the day, so I'm all the company Soffi has all day long, I'm the one who has to entertain her. This shouldn't be a problem of course if we would know somebody here, who we could meet with; or if that was what she was used to, but she is used to go to daycare and spend the day with other kids - and she loves that:-), that is wht she will start in a nursery here latest in September.
She doesn't even have any of her toys here yet, BUT they arrived to Doha yesterday evening:-), and I just got the news that we will receive them this afternoon, great!!!. I think that will be a big step ahead for us all, especially for Soffi - we've sent all her toys, her bed, her pram, her car seat etc. by the air freight on purpose, so that she can start feeling herself at home the soonest possible. But actually after the first week passed by, Soffi changed her attitude compeletey, she is now moving around here, as she was living here all her life, she just loves to go out, she started to play peekaboo with strangers again, waving at them, saying hej-hej - doesn't matter if they are wearing a burka, a chador or what - , just like she did before we moved here:-), it's nice to see her all happy:-)!
Waiting for daddy in front of his office:
Hmmm, pudding...:-)
Drinking with a straw:-)
Her very first Happy Meal ever... yesterday evening...
But it's not every day we eat in a McDonald's:-)
No comment:-)
Soooo tired... she fell asleep on the couch:
Aaaand the lady on the toilet:-)... she tells us when she has to go!!! Of course sometimes she is making a fool of us, but 90% of the time she is serious...