2010. március 15., hétfő

40,6 degrees Celsius

Soffi has scared the hell out of us last weekend. She started to have high feber thursday morning, but then I thougt it must be the AC, which we turned on for the first time on wednesday... but it kept on being that high, when Peter got home from work she had a fever over 40 degrees Celsius (or 103 Fahrenheit - as our thermometer went gakgak during its trip to Doha and started showing the temperature in Fahrenheit, so I had to convert it to Celsius every time I took her temperature, that's just what you need in a situatuation like that), so we decided to see a doctor.

We still don't have a qatari ID - well only Peter does - his insurance at the company is still not officiel, but what the hell we had to do something, so we ended up in a hyper modern private hospital ( Al - Ahli Hospital http://www.ahlihospital.com/ ). As she had a fever so high, we were welcome at the E.R., there we had to pay 300 QR for consultation, then she was examined by a doctor within 5 minutes, she got medication and they took different samples from her (she was screaming the whole time -terrible), then we payed again 150 QR for the examination, but at that point her fever was down at 38,8 degrees Celsius, so Igladly reached out for my wallet:-), then down to the pharmacy bought 4 different kinds of medication for 89 QR!!!! - that's very cheap, for that kind of money you don't even get 1 box of pills eighter in Hungary or Denmark.

Well, all in all a very good experience about the qatari health system, which we - to be completely honest - feared a lot; not to mention that if we had the insurance all this would have been for free, even the medicin. However there was one negativity that the doctor spoke a poor poor English, so we had trouble understanding his directions... this might have been the reason why Soffi's temperature was not falling at all during friday eighter, so we repeated the whole story again friday afternoon with Soffi having a fever over 40 degrees Celsius. Not so funny...

So there were we again at the E.R., luckily met by an other pediatrician, who spoke a very good English, got an other type of antibiotic, Soffi screamed again, but but but her temperature fell again because of the pill she got there, so we decided to celebrate it with a Strawberry shake, which she loves:-).

Since then she had been just fine, the fever is gone, and she is all happy again:-).

3 megjegyzés:

  1. Jaj istenem, miken mentetek keresztül, szegénykém, jól van most, ugye?
    Tanács (megtanultuk itt mi is) - elsô dolog amit keresni kell: gyermekorvost. Legyen egy számod amit bármikor hívhatsz, meg mentô/éjszakai ügyelet szám. Oltással hogy álltok, Dániában mit mondtak, Qatarban mi a divat? Minket elindítottak azzal ami otthon van, itt oltásoznak mindenkit, ha kell ha nem. Dáni a másik véglet. Jó gyógyulást!

  2. Nagyon sokszor pusziljuk ezt a csillogo szemu, lazas kisleanyt es a megijedt szuloket is!

  3. Hát igen, nem valami vicces mikor ott áll az ember aztán nem tudja, most mi legyen... Dehát ezt Ti is kipróbáltátok már párszor...
    Soffi megkapta Dániában az oltásokat, a következô az 3 vagy 5 éves korban esedékes, nem emlékszem pontosan... De majd utánajárok, itt mi a szokás...