2010. március 10., szerda

Best of Soffi - Vol.1.

Our little Baby is becoming a lady day by day. It is incredible to think about, she was just a tiny girl 15 months ago, who couldn't do anything, we could almost carry her around in our palms - well Peter could - and now she walks, runs, eats, drinks herself, she is about to start talking, at least finding funny ways to express herself, she is about to loose the diper!!! She is much more a child now than a baby, and we are so proud of her!
She had a couple of difficult days the first week we moved here, but it's understandable. It's not the easiest even for an adult to adjust to a new culture, new environment, new temperature, so of course she was a little confused. We moved in to this huge house -at least compared to the one we were used in DK-, which is furnished with foreign furniture, equipped with foreign equipments, so even if it's a house it still feels more like a hotel.
We don't know anybody here, YET, there are many children in the compound, but they are of course in daycare or kindergarten during the day, so I'm all the company Soffi has all day long, I'm the one who has to entertain her. This shouldn't be a problem of course if we would know somebody here, who we could meet with; or if that was what she was used to, but she is used to go to daycare and spend the day with other kids - and she loves that:-), that is wht she will start in a nursery here latest in September.
She doesn't even have any of her toys here yet, BUT they arrived to Doha yesterday evening:-), and I just got the news that we will receive them this afternoon, great!!!. I think that will be a big step ahead for us all, especially for Soffi - we've sent all her toys, her bed, her pram, her car seat etc. by the air freight on purpose, so that she can start feeling herself at home the soonest possible. But actually after the first week passed by, Soffi changed her attitude compeletey, she is now moving around here, as she was living here all her life, she just loves to go out, she started to play peekaboo with strangers again, waving at them, saying hej-hej - doesn't matter if they are wearing a burka, a chador or what - , just like she did before we moved here:-), it's nice to see her all happy:-)!
Waiting for daddy in front of his office:
Hmmm, pudding...:-)
Drinking with a straw:-)
Her very first Happy Meal ever... yesterday evening...
But it's not every day we eat in a McDonald's:-)
No comment:-)
Soooo tired... she fell asleep on the couch:
Aaaand the lady on the toilet:-)... she tells us when she has to go!!! Of course sometimes she is making a fool of us, but 90% of the time she is serious...

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  1. Le a kalappal, hát tényleg nagyon ügyes hogy vécézik egyedül... nálunk még mindig pamperszezünk, de azért már a popsijára mutat, ha cserélni kell, amit haladásnak tenkintünk.... Aranyos nagyon, jaj de jó hogy beindult megint - meglátod, majd pekkaboozni fog a csadorosokkal is!

  2. Hat a mi kis Soffancsunk kesz kis holgy mar!!! Es a kis haja is hogy megindult!
    Mi az a pekkaboo, ez valami gyerekes csaladok szlengje? ;-)

  3. Júliannám, az is már nagy dolog, hogy mutat a popsijára, a fiúk egyébként is késôbb szoktak szobatisztulni, mint a lányok:-). Puszi

    Te, Ritu, hát ezt mondom, tiszta madame már a csaj:-)... A szleng meg a kukucsolós:-). Puszi