2010. március 7., vasárnap


On friday we've been to a desert/beach trip in Dukhan with Peter's department from work. It's a 40 minutes drive from Doha. The wether was perfect for spending a whole day outside, not too hot, not too sunny but still warm, we couldn't go bathing in the see as the water was too chilly, but it wasn't a problem.

We met at 9 o'clock (well in arabic terms, so we left first around 10 o'clock) at the Villaggio, we were driving 6 cars in a convoy. That's how they do it here, you normally never go on these kind of trips alone, it can be dangerous.

When we arrived at the beach the children started to play with the sand immediately. Soffi liked it indeed, she never had the chance to try that before, when she started in daycare back in Denmark it was September, so it was always too cold for that, but now she could enjoy it in a giant and endless sandbox:

We had one local guy with us, he works with Peter too, he brought all his household stuff out with him, it was like 10 guys, who were helping him preparing the dinner and building a tent for us, if it should get windy or the sun should burn us down:-), well it was a very good idea. You see the tent in the first stages here and yes, our dinner was made in that hole, you see Khalid - the local colleague - digging. This was the wierdest thing ever!

They layed down huge, real carpets inside the tent, it was a real arabic experience:

And we changed dipers in the back of the car - and plenty of them, Soffi was not that child who you had to force drinking something:

She even got to drive the car with daddy:-)

And back to the food... They digged a huge hole, made a big fire in it, when the fire turned to ashes, they turned a steel table upside down, placed it on top of the hot ash, placed the meat (huge lamp chops) covered in aluminium foil on it, placed a big steel plate on top of it...

Then thay covered it with sand again:
Made a new fire on top of it again:
On the left they are just about to make the place for cooking the rice. So here there was not a single sign for modernness at all:-)

And the tent is ready, Soffi is enjoying this open air livingroom:

This is, how we were eating breakfast (at 12 o'clock), one of Peter's other local colleagues (the lady sitting on my left) came with all this food. Different arabic dishes, tasted really nice actually:
Soffi seemed to like it:

We had a huge fruit plate too:

Soffi was playing with the older kids, always wanting to destroy their cushion castle:-)

Aaaand back to the food again... 6 hours later they started to digg the meat up again, we were all excited about what the sand was hiding. This was a traditional Qatari meal, they prepare it often at family arrangements, as well as almost all Qatari has a tent like this at home, which they use for family gatherings. Some even live in a tent in their backyard instead of the luxurious house standing right next to it, because they still want to live like bedouins eventhogh they moved in to the city, that's what you call sticking to traditions:-)...
By the end of the day our company has almost doubled up:
And we were just waiting with excitement, doubt and hunger for what was coming out of the ground:

That's our dinner here, there was no sand on it at all and it was really tender all the way through:

It was delicious, a nice surprise:-), and I don't usually like lamb:

Soffi preffered the rice though:

By the end of the day, everything we own was covered by sand and smelled like smoke, but it was worth it, we had a very colourful day out there.

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  1. Hej alle tre.

    Det ser jo ud som at i trives, og det ser ud som om at beduin stilen er afslappende.

    Her hjemme i Danmark er temperaturen ved at snige sig op over 0 grader, men i weekende var den dog nede på -19 nogle steder, så nu vil vi have forår.

    Håber at i forsætter med at lægge billeder og tekst ind det er spændende.

    Hilsen fra Oscar, Sesilie og Rasmus

  2. Jaj ez nagyon jó beduin életstílus... legközelebb majd menjetek tevével, hogy legyen izgibb és élethûbb... jut eszembe, Peti vitte a bográcsát Qatarba? Nem jut eszembe, de valami hazaira emlékszem, hogy fôzôtt benne... lebbencs?

  3. Hej hej Rasmus, Sesilie og Oscar,

    Godt at se I også følger lidt med herinde, jeg prøver flittigt at lægge billeder ind, så må vi se hvor lang tid det holder:-)... Dejligt at høre at foråret er vel at komme til DK, det trænger I jo til allesammen...

    Knus til jer


    Hozzuk a bográcsot, hogyne! Hát itt is vannak magyarok, majd fôzünk azokkal is:-) - megyünk március 15-ézni a nagykövetségre, majd ott megismerünk valakiket:-)... Fôzött ô benne gulyást is, lebbencset is, meg pörkölteket is, minden félét...

  4. Jól elneveztelek Júlainnámnak:-), sorry...

  5. Huuu, ez nagyon baresz kis program lehetett!!! Peterunk hogy birta a sok tortenest es a baratkozast? ;-) Szomoru szamuraj ment a hatterben?
    Ja es tok szuper hogy ennyi gyerek van, Soffinak ez biztos tetszik! :-)

    Na ez most egy jo pont Dohanak. ;-)


  6. Jaj jó ötlet a március 15-ezés... majd utánanézek itt hogy mi van!

  7. Rityukám, hát örülök, hogy kezded Te is megszeretni Dohát:-), mire jöttök Doha fan leszel:-)! Puszi