2010. március 22., hétfő

Entertaining Ms. Soffi

As my job for now is to take care of Soffi, I'm always trying to find different entertainments for her, which is not so easy. What makes it even more difficult as it is, is that we don't have any friends here, who could help bringing some variety in our days. The latter has started to change as we both yesterday and today have been out at some neighbuors' houses and had a couple of very nice hours each time. There is hope for our social life:-)!

We have a mini playground at this compound that we visit almost every day. There aren't many toys, but we manage to spend a half an hour there anyway every time, there are also two swings, but not the kind for babies, so mummy has to do the swing together with Soffi:-).

She actually does slide down by herself:
And we of course have the pool, where we already became regular visitors. Soffi just simply loves the water, if we just pass by the pool area without going inside, she climbs up the fence and screams that she wanna go in.

This is the new best game, pushing the pram around, all alone!!! And nobody is allowed to help, she can of course not coordinate that big thing alone, but as soon as we want to bring it to the right direction she points at your hand and screams at you to stop! Because she can do it alone:-)!!! Well she can't!
In the weekends it's obviously easier, when Peter is around. This weekend we've visited the Cirkus Land at the Landmark Mall. This is at the entrance:
And this video was made inside, where she was driving this car/airplane/thing... Look how she works the stearing wheel:-), she even pushes the buttons! She knew exactly what to do, we were so amazed, where does she get it from? At first I thought she might get scared when starts moving, but she enjoyed it indeed:-).

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  1. Jajj, ennivaló, olyan édes... azt bírom, hogy a kormányt hogy fogja, a kis arab leányzónak meg szabad ott ülni, co-pilotingolni, de azért a kormányt a kezébôl nem adná ki! Nagyszerû a swimming pool, jaj, már csak ez megérte... (2 éve hogy nem voltunk víz környékén, merthogy napozni bébivel nem volt megengedve, de állítólag most már lehet, ugyhogy idén nyáron betervezve napozás meg fürdôzés... imádom, hogy a vízbôl nem lehet kivenni, Mátyást meg a kádból... mert hogy nekünk az az úszómedencénk... lehet arab országba kellene utaznunk... legközelebb?

  2. Jajj, hát nagy fônökasszony Soffi;-)...
    Mi aztán mentünk vízbe, meg napozni mikor Soffi kicsi is volt, csak ôt mindig árnyékba raktuk... Gyertek hozzánk, itt a pool, a másik helyen még hangulatosabb:-). Puszi