2010. április 4., vasárnap

Qatar's specials

Well, almost everything is special here compared to Europe, but there are some stuff that are really worth mentioning.


One liter water is more expansive here than one liter of gasoline! Here you see on the pictures with your own eyes: ½ a liter mineral water costs 2,50 QR (~3,75 DKK and ~130 HUF) and 1 whole liter gasoline costs only 0,8 QR (~1,2 DKK and ~40 HUF). Tapwater is around the same price a liter, but you'll get stomack ache if you drink that:-).


I don't know if you can see that on the picture, but they cover the carseats with plastic foil here, so that the abbaye (the black dress the qatari women are wearing above their clothes) won't colour it black:-). You know the sun will always sallow the black colour dresses, so they colour them quite often back to black, which would of course colour the light carseats too... If it's coloured, then it's of course hard to sell it again... You would think that if you have money to drive a new Lexus jeep, than you don't care that much:-), well it's not that expansive here...

The working people:-)! Actually this picture could have been taken also in Hungary or anywhere in Eastern Europe. You see, how they are washing off the traffic lights, one is working and two are watching it:-). This is the typical working moral here, actually they are just proud that everybody is 'working' here in Qatar, no matter what they do, so they even invent jobs for them:-), you saw how the guys were washing the floor outside at the Pearl:-)?

Nr. 4.

Here they sell skin whitening products instead of tanning products:-). How different we are, we think that tanned skin is beautiful, here they have the darker skin and they just want it lighter.

Nr. 5.

You can go in a shopping mall, shopping for hours and have your car windows down, have a GPS inside and nobody will steal it! Well, of course, otherwise they'll cut your hands off:-)!


We have 3 bathrooms in this huge house, and non of them has a power outlet in it, how strange is that and how annoying!

The traffic signs are funny here too:-)

2 megjegyzés:

  1. Hat igen, a nr. 2 nekem a legfeltunobb es egyben a legjobb is! Erdekes nagyon. Kar, hogy a templomot nem sikerult "felavatni" idoben. De erdekes nezelodni benne biztos, olyan mint egy muzeum?

  2. Ja, elég vicces... eleinte csak néztem, mondom ezek nem szedik le a csomagolást az új kocsikról vagy mi:-)?
    Hát a templomban annyit nem járkáltunk, pont mondták a keresztutat... de nekem nem volt olyan jó élmény, talán majd legközelebb, ha rendesen sikerül elmenni egy misére...