2010. március 30., kedd

Smashing fun in the sun - noooot

We were invited by Peter's work again to a saturday beach program this weekend. The invitation said 'Smashing fun in the sun', - it was supposed to be a very amuzing day with volleyball on the beach and some other funny stuff... Instead to start with, the sun wasn't shining almost at all, and we were the only ones, who had a child with us... Everybody else was about the same age as we were, but without a baby,,, soooo it's quite different... otherwise there was no volleyball as it was very windy and after around one and a half hours the rest of the group decided to go dune bashing, which we didn't really feel like doing with Soffi in the back seat, so we decided to drive home...

Well, the trip to the beach was really funny and Soffi enjoyed the water and the sand as she always does:-)... The dune bashing sounds and looks like fun too, but we just didn't plan to do that... it was nice just to try it in a decent way just on the beach... but we are looking forward to do it one day...

Here you find the pictures of the trip:

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