2010. április 19., hétfő

Best of Soffi - Vol.2.

Soffi has clearly adjusted very well to the Qatari living, we can see how she already recognizes the places we go to, the people we meet, which is quite lucky. She is probably also in the right age for doing so. It turns out, she already understands English, however her vocabulary is limited to 'ball' and 'bye bye', but that's a start:-), I'm sure the rest will come very fast.
I was of course worried how it will affect her yet non existing language skills in regards to the previous two languages, but she is doing good. She says the most words obviously in Hungarian but she understands both Danish, Hungarian and English now. She is at the age where she tries to imitate everything we say, just like a little parrot:-), and sometimes she even succeds. I'm trying to limit the use of the pacifier only for sleeping, which also helps - obviously.

Here she is after eating water melon:-), we do have plenty of laundry in this house...
Cool girl:
Mummies sunglasses are the best:
This is the new face she does, whenever she finds something strange, but she can do it on commando too:-), just like here:
When she doesn't wanna eat, you can just give her olives, like here. This was the only thing she was willing to eat that evening... You can even give her the whole ones and she will spit the seed out!!!
Playing with her new best friend, Omar. She was pushing him around in that toy stroller for like half an hour and he just let her... well, he can't walk yet...
And here thay are eating water melon together, by the pool...
She does have shoe fetish already, she is even tries on my shoes and walks around in them:-)

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  1. Szia Ziti!
    Tegnap végigolvastam a blogod, volt rá néhány órám :)
    Soffi hihetetlenül nagy már és nagyon gyönyörű! Meg biztosan nagyon okos kis csajszi is.
    És nagyon furi, mert vannak bizonyos képek, arcok, ahol egy az egyben Peti, de valahol meg kiköpött Te :)
    Na csók nektek.

  2. Szia Nettike!
    ôrülök, hogy akkor most már képben vagy... költöztünk kedden, azért reagálok ilyen késôn... Na, csók!