2010. április 10., szombat

Mums the World - Playgroup

Every second wednesday we go to a playgroup with Soffi. It's at the Royal Plaza - just another shopping mall. Well actually, each of these shopping malls have some kind of a play area for children, I was wondering in the beginning why, but there is quite a simple explanation and that's the weather. In the summer time kids simply cannot play outside here or just stay outside at all, because it's so hot. So the only way you can get them really tired is to bring them to such a place:-).

This playgroup is arranged by the Mums the World association for expats (expat wifes) in Qatar, so there is morning tea for the mums, snacks and lots of fun for the kids, with singing and dancing and just what you want...

There are several smaller soft play areas inside whit slides and tunnels and so on... plenty of balls... colourful and inspiring environment for children.

And then there are these regular game machines, of course aimed for bigger kids, but Soffi always has to check them out too.
Here is where we do the singing, while the kids can play with those balls, climb all over the place...
... or just dance and clap along, like this lady here:-)

The playgroup is from 9:30 to 11:30 am, and it's probably needless to say that afterwards I don't need to much to get Soffi to sleep:-)... nice...

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