2010. április 4., vasárnap

Our Lady of Rosary Church - Doha

Since it is Easter time, and us being catholic believers, we've decided finally to go to church this friday. They have just recently built a Catholic church here in Doha, so the surroundings are also like a construction area ( well, like everywhere in Doha).

As we were driving there, and as we knew that the road wasn't leading to anywhere else than to the church, we felt like pilgrims among all these cars. We thought to ourselves, wow all these catholics, can this be true that there are so many Christans in this muslim country?

This is the church from outside, well not exactely how you would imagine it as being a European. But can you see all those cars? We thought, we were never gonna get in there!

But we did, easily... There were not at all many people in the church... We still don't know for sure what all those cars were about, but later we found out that there is a school right next to the church, so maybe there was some kind of Easter celebration over there...???

Soffi made of course friends with this little girl immediately:-). They were playing together for a half an hour, we were waiting for the mass to start, and waiting and waiting ( accourding to the church's website it was supposed to start at 10 am), but there was no mass:-(... so then the little girl has left with her parents, and then we've decided to leave too... That was our Easter church visit:-(... Or shell I just say: Welcome to the Middle East!

This is the church from the inside, not at all like what we are used to, quite an eastern exposure. We haven't seen any other European/American kind of people there... Or maybe they just knew what time the mass really was:-)? hmmmmmmmm

We didn't have a regular Easter this year, but we celebrated it as good as we could. There is no ham and no Easter bunny and chicken ( they are still on their way to Qatar in the container -not the ham though ) this time, maybe next year...

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