2010. április 11., vasárnap

Overnight desert trip

This weekend we went on an overnight desert trip. We were 14 adults and 7 children and drove in 5 cars with 5 professional drivers.

We started out with a 2 hours dune blashing where we drove actually all the way outside of Qatar along the inland sea, until we could see Saudi on the other side. It was really exciting, like a big roller-coaster, Soffi enjoyed the ride especially when we went downwards, then she made this funny laugh every time:-), she did this for an hour or so, then we took a 10 minutes break and after that she fell asleep. It was just amazing how she could sleep in that car, she slept with her head hanging down, bumping to the car seat back and forth, left and right in every second! I don't think the driver has ever experienced a customer sleeping on a trip like this:-).
Here we are on the break...

After we reached the point where we could see over to Saudi, we turned back and drove back to the camp, where were spending the night.
This trip was organized by an agency, so we were provided a tent, sleeping bags and we had a barbeque dinner and a breakfast the second day. And now that you are imagining how this must have been, divide it by two and then you'll know how the service really was:-).

In the camp there were toilets and 3 showers, the only thing we didn't have was water... so we couldn't really use the showers or flush the toilets, but at least you had toilets... if you would just go on a self organized trip you wouldn't even have any... The first time we were out on a trip with Peter's department, they built an iglo tent, cut a whole in the bottom and pulled it over a hole they digged in the ground:-)... that was the toilet.

Of course it was a very nice and exciting trip, but all that sand!!! No matter how careful you are, there is always gonna be sand in the tent, the sleeping bags were clean though, we took them out of a perforated plastic bag. Through the whole evening we were looking forward to take a shower, we've heard about some people who already have taken a shower - see how rumors can dissappoint you:-) -, which was true, but they have also used all the water there was... so when I was standing there with naked Soffi, waiting for the water to start flowing, and it just didn't - then I got kind of disappointed:-), I could just see how we were gonna sleep covered with sand.... and so we did. But we survived, and it was kind of cool - I'm glad we tried it, and actually everybody should try this who visits Qatar!

There were of course camels too, you could ride them if you wanted:
I was worried wether Soffi was gonna be able to fall asleep in a tent, were you could here each word from the others talking and all the screaming how the other bigger kids were playing, but she was surprisingly quite easy to get to sleep, so actually we were able to have a nice evening with some other adults:-), it was very nice, we haven't tried that in a long time.
The next day Soffi woke up around 5:30 am as usual, so we were of course the first ones awake, but luckily not the last ones who went to sleep the day before:-). It was actually very nice to wake up ON the beach and see the morning sun and the sea, then we really felt that it was all worth it:-)

At 7 am we had breakfast, eggs and sausages - no bacon in this country - and at 7:30 am we were already on our way back to the city. At 9:30 am we were already back at our house, and on our way to the shower:-)!

You'll find more pictures here: http://picasaweb.google.dk/LabanczFamily/OvernightDesertTrip#

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  1. Jaj de izgalmas! Amikor jövünk, feltétlenül ki kell ezt is próbálni... Imádom a kis beduin Soffit, milyen otthonosan mozog a homokban, meg egyáltalán... hát ez azért izgalmasabb mint a Skovsøben fagyit enni... ;) Kész akcióturisták vagytok ám!

  2. Ja, mindenképpen elmegyünk ilyenre Veletek is! Soffinak ez álom volt, a cumi eszébe sem jutott egész hétvégén, úgy élvezte:-)...