2010. május 30., vasárnap

Al Corniche

The Corniche street is perhaps the most beautiful spot in Doha. You can actually take a walk here, without risking your life:-). Whenever driving on this street you really feel like you are on an exotic holiday, with the sea and all the palm trees all the way through. On fridays people go out here have picknincs or just sit and enjoy the view. It's actually becoming way too hot to be outside for too long now, but we took a shot this friday afternoon.

It's green out here and undisturbed by any construction work unlike every other place in the city.
There is a big playground as well, which we always were watching whenever driving by and were planning on trying it for so long, but never actually did until now.

Well, I don't think we will ever come again though, the playground is clean, well-equipped and Soffi has enjoyed every bit of it, but we did not feel too comfortable at all as being the only white family out there, and people do stare at you, like you were an alien or something... They probably think, what the hell are they doing out here, don't they have a garden and a playground in their own compound? ... and yes we most certainly do, and we are probably just gonna stick to that in the future...
A little treat for Soffi and daddy:-)...

So public playground, probably not again, but taking walks on Al Corniche, definitely yes and any more times.

2010. május 29., szombat

Mærsk FDP 2005 Party

We went on our first night out here without Soffi this thursday. We've enjoyed an evening in the Intercontinental Hotel here in Doha at the big Mærsk party of the year. It was strange to leave the house without a diaper bag and leaving Soffi behind with a sweet girl from the Phillipines, yet who we even hardly know, but hey what can you do? You either leave her with a nanny, or you are stuck in the house for 3 years, and just never go out.
... and so we went to party... We were picked up by a bus at our compound at 6.15 pm, at 7 pm we were already listening to the welcome speech held by the Danish CEO of Mærsk Oil who arrived to Qatar to this occasion (and probably tons of other meetings).
The party was held on the beach, well on a terrace facing the sea, it was the most gorgeous view, seeing the skyscrapers in their night lighting and watching the moon...The party was fancy, good food, alcohol (though only beer and wine, but that's a big deal here), dancing and just the sorroundings... the band came directly from Denmark, just for this occasion...
These are our new neighbours. We are quite lucky as most of the people here are much older than us, Sam and Vicky are exactely the same age:-). They are Brittish, have two sons, and they arrived in January, which means they hopefully won't leave any soon...
Vicky and me.The lady with the microfon is Peter's boss... man, she has a good voice...

We had a good time all in all, I couldn't relax 100% though, was worried for Soffi for the whole time, but that's just how it is. Actually there was absolutely no problem with her, she wasn't even crying for a second! Ergo, this wasn't our last time out on town without her:-).

Banana Island

Last saturday we were invited on a boat trip to the Banana Island by one of Peter's suppliers. It's important with good relations here:-). We've met at the Four Seasons Marina, wich was fancy indeed, with the biggest jachts I've ever seen... we took a smaller and more down to earth boat however:-)...
It was over 40 degrees Celsius that day (too) but on the boat you couldn't feel it... Soffi was actually sitting still for almost the intire trip (30 minutes), she wasn't willing to wear the lifejacket, but to be honest, there wasn't any in her size, for our next sailing adventure we're gonna come better prepared... but luckily we didn't need it this time...
The island is an other artificial island with the shape of a banana. There is absolutely nothing there, except 10 parasols and like 10 big trashcans. I was expecting something more, since everybody asks you here: Have you been on the Banana Island yet? I mean the water was nice, but that's about all, and when it's 47-48 degrees and you're stuck on an empty island... well...
The kids enjoyed it though...
See, that's what you can do when on the Banana Island:-):
Soffi was making friends with Anne, a Danish girl, she is almost 3 years old, but they liked eachother dispite the age difference: ... and when Soffi had enough fun, she went to sleep:-)... I'm not sure what she will think of us as parents one day when she is 15 and looks at these pictures, all the places we made her sleep:-)... this is one of the funkiest... 47 degrees and 2 m2 of shade... at least we had her pushchair with us:-)... some say, this is the best way of having a nap, outside, with a nice breeze and no need to cover your body, because it's so hot... well, I don't know, but we did have to wake her up after 2 hours when we were leaving:-)
The guys went water skiing and wake-boarding for an hour or so, I am not saying how good Peter is in that, you have to ask him on that:-)... ... here they're back... tired...
... and we started packing and sailed back to Doha... It was a nice trip all in all, and now we can say: Yes, we've been on the Banana Island, thanks very much. :-)

2010. május 24., hétfő


Last sunday, when we came out from the Lady's Club with Soffi from her gym class *(Baby's Sensory Motoric Class:-) on its maiden name) we saw this: 47 degrees Celsius in the shade and the biggest sandstorm we've ever experienced here. It happens occasionally, but I think it was over the edge, I could feel the sand exfoliating the skin on my legs while walking to car... it wasn't so pleasant.

After this storm, there was raining for half an hour, the temperature sinked 10 degrees and we were so happy..., well, for maybe 2 hours and then everything went back to the same.

2010. május 12., szerda


Elkészült a kovászos uborka másfél nap alatt itt a mi kis dohai kertünkben:-). Kedves férjem uram már több mint egy hónapja megvásárolta ezen 5 literes befôttesüveget, mint enyhe célzást arra, hogy ugyan nem szeretném-e próbára tenni magamat a kovászos uborka gyártás mesterségében, ha már elköltöztett minket eme napsütötte országba... és íme elkészült a fínom jó koviubi a dohai nap alatt:-).

The new pool

This monday we've finally made it out to the pool in our new compound... We have a lovely pool here, with a big baby area, where Soffi can play on her own, without me having to worry about her all the time... so it's just exactely what she needs right now, when she is about to enter this I can do this on my own, don't need your help, I want to be independent -fase:-).

Eating cherry with hardly any taste and of a high price from Lebanon - many fruits and vegetables come from there... She spits the seed out, just like with the olives... you have to remind her though occasionally:-).