2010. május 30., vasárnap

Al Corniche

The Corniche street is perhaps the most beautiful spot in Doha. You can actually take a walk here, without risking your life:-). Whenever driving on this street you really feel like you are on an exotic holiday, with the sea and all the palm trees all the way through. On fridays people go out here have picknincs or just sit and enjoy the view. It's actually becoming way too hot to be outside for too long now, but we took a shot this friday afternoon.

It's green out here and undisturbed by any construction work unlike every other place in the city.
There is a big playground as well, which we always were watching whenever driving by and were planning on trying it for so long, but never actually did until now.

Well, I don't think we will ever come again though, the playground is clean, well-equipped and Soffi has enjoyed every bit of it, but we did not feel too comfortable at all as being the only white family out there, and people do stare at you, like you were an alien or something... They probably think, what the hell are they doing out here, don't they have a garden and a playground in their own compound? ... and yes we most certainly do, and we are probably just gonna stick to that in the future...
A little treat for Soffi and daddy:-)...

So public playground, probably not again, but taking walks on Al Corniche, definitely yes and any more times.

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