2010. május 2., vasárnap

Friday on the beach with a group of Hungarians

When we moved here to Qatar, I felt like I was missing my Hungarian roots even more than I missed it when we lived in Denmark. The reason, I would guess might be the distance and the huge cultural difference. So I've searched for Hungarians in Doha on the Iwiw (the Hungarian Facebook) and I've contacted a girl, named Mónika who seemed sympatic on her pictures, and it turns out she is a very nice lady with two kids. She's lived here with her family for 3 years now, so she kind of knows everything you need to know here. I was very lucky, she is really helpful and of course she knows lots of other Hungarians here. It turns out, there are around 300 Hungarian residents in Doha, which is a lot, -well not comapred to the 800 Danish families- especially when here are no Hungarian companies here like there are Danish, so people 'just' come here to work for Qatari companies.

So a group of Hungarians meet regulary on Fridays and normally go to the beach or to the desert together. We were invited along by Mónika... so we joined them this friday.

They usually go to Fuwairit beach, but because of the turtles laying their eggs and nesting there, that area is closed for now, so we drove 5 km longer down, and ended up here. The beach was unusual with all these rocks and old ruins:
Soffi has enjoyed the water as usual, and we did too, it was warm and sandy, perfect for children.
The kids had fun...
The people we've met, they work for the Qatar Symphony Orchestra (there are apperantly many Hungarian musicians here), for Qatar Airways, for Qatar Petroleum, and so on. It was nice to meet people outside of Mærsk too, also for Peter.
Soffi hardly lets us hold her in the water anymore:-), but she actually does get better and better in 'swimming' too:
We had lunch on the beach, we even had a barbecue:
You have to drink a lot of water, when out on the sun:-)
There were 3 kids of Soffi's age, they played along quite well for a some time...
Here we are already about to leave, after a nice day with good play time for Soffi and nice conversations for us.

After a long day out on the sun and in the water, Soffi took a well deserved nap on the way back home:-).

We will definetally come again...

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  1. Jaj ez nagyon jó és változatos, biztos! Jó lehet kicsit anyanyelven is beszélgetni meg kollégák nélkül! Aranyos Soffi nagyon, kész beach baby lesz belôle!

  2. Jaja, köszönjük szépen:-), Soffi meg tényleg beach baby, mintha ott született volna, olyan otthon érzi magát a viz közelében...