2010. augusztus 28., szombat

2 months in Hungary

The blog is back!!!

We have spent 2 months summer holidays in Hungary, trying to escape from the hot and humid Qatari weather. We have spent plenty of time with our family and friends, which was great. I have not been home for so long time since I've moved to Denmark 7 and a half years ago. We have enjoyed our little apartment with the huge terrace in Tiszafüred, went for some small trips, made some changes in the apartment, we have been to a wedding, had Soffi baptized, celebrated Peter's nameday and our sixth wedding anniversary; and kept us busy in many other ways.

Peter was there with us for the first two weeks, and one more week in the beginning of August, we have missed him very much, but the heat here was (still is) unbearable here, we could simply not have been doing anything here, not to mention that everybody we know here was away as well.

It's kind of impossible to tell about everything that happened with us in two months in just one blog, so I'd rather show it with pictures:-).

I would emphasize one thing though, probably the biggest accomplishment of this summer, which was that Soffi has dropped the diaper for good, and we are soooo proud of her!!! She has started talking very well in Hungarian, she can say everything now and sometimes already puts two words together! Now that we are back she "just" has to learn English, since she will start in nursery on the 7th of September, and she will probably be confused with some Danish as well... well, we'll see... she is a smart girl, it might not even be a big deal for her at all....