2010. szeptember 7., kedd

Soffi goes to Doha nursery

Soffi has started in her nursery last Sunday. You can see on the pictures how excited she was before leaving the house with her new backpack:-). I couldn't take that bag off of her, she could hardly walk with it, eventhough it only contained some snack and an extra outfit, but she wanted to carry it, it's nearly as big as she is...:-)

By the time we got there, she seemed to realize what was gonna happen, and she obviously didn't want me to leave her and cried, but the teachers told me afterwards that she cried for only 2 minutes and then she was perfectly fine, played along with the other kids... I mean those kids that weren't crying even more than she was... I got to know that Soffi is probably the one that enjoys the nursery the most.

We went to nursery only 3 days yet, because they are closed for a week as it's the Eid holiday after the Ramadan is finally over. We'll go again next wednesday for two days and the week after that we are gonna be in business for real.
I couldn't take any pictures inside, but I will try later and will post them, promise:-)

2 megjegyzés:

  1. Kicsi ügyes, hogy pakolja az iskolástáskát... Jaj de megnôtt! Kész nagylány! Na és akkor anyának van ideje magára?

  2. Hát, most ezen a 3 napon még csak 1-2 órára hagytam ott, úgyhogy még nem túl nagy a változást, de minden esetre furcsa volt nagyon bevásárolni menni megint úgy, hogy nyugiban voltam:-)...