2010. október 25., hétfő

Soffi's new nursery, Starfish Lane Kids

Two and a half weeks ago, we've moved Soffi from the first nursery to Starfish. We've been quite unsatisfied with Tot's Corner, bisides I had to drive two hours a day to drop her off and pick her up again. So, I'm sure everybody wonders why we even enrolled her there in the first place??? Well, the manager is Danish, there are a few Danish class teachers as well, unfortunately not in the class where Soffi went, there are many many Danish kids going there, but unfortunately not one single in the class where Soffi went, nor any Hungarians... and geographically it's not that far from our house, but it's in a very upcoming area with constructions on every square meter, at they will not be done in couple of weeks, maybe even years... But these were just the top of the iceberg, Soffi was fully potty trained during our summer vacations (day and night), but 2 weeks after she's started there, she's started to have accidents, at first just a few, and then we came to a stage where she had 3-4 accidents a day (imagine all the washing:-) )!!! So on a Sunday when I go to collect her, they tell me that they mean I should give back the diaper on her again, because she's had so many peeing in her pants... and that's with a child who has been pottytrained for almost 3 months! I was very upset, got on the phone with all the experts:-), and has even called Starfish for their professional opinion and of course to ask if they had a place for Soffi, they didn't... So on Monday I go back and tell in Tot's Corner, I will not put the diaper back on Soffi, we don't even own a diaper any more... and just felt that the atmosphere has changed dramatically; they've accepted it but definetally didn't appreciate my decision. So, I called Starfish again on Monday to get back on their waiting list (we've been on it, before we registered for Tot's Corner), and so I've found out they had a place after all... on Tuesday we went to visit the nursery together with Soffi... she liked it, but she was kind of quiet, but hey... she got used to the first nursery and she loved the kids there, she new everybody's name by that time, everybody's!! So Wednesday and Thursday she went to Tot's Corner still, and on Thursday we said good bye...

On Sunday she has started in Starfish, she cried the first week when I left her, but was perfectly fine as soon as I was gone... the accidents stopped completely, and she is happy for it, I'm happy for it, as it takes me between 10 and 15 minutes one way, so in the worst case it's half the time... She is picking up the English rapidly, and just developing wonderfully in general. This nursery is Australian owned, and there is at least one the class assistents who has English as her mother tounge, the class teacher and the other two assistants are from the Philippines, but they're all lovely. They just have a whole other attitude towards everything, including Soffi's pottying.

This is the nursery from the street.
The entrance:
Outside play area:

Inside, while doing some artwork, Soffi loves artwork:

And for the record, these pictures were taken by the nursery. It's not allowed to take pictures inside the nursery, but they took some for me and emailed them, how great is that? It's just so much different, they seem to have check on things over there:-)

2010. október 18., hétfő

Friday's vistors

We've had a busy week guestwise last week, we've had some Hungarian vistors over last Wednesday, I baked rolls (kifli) and made kind of a meetball dish (fasírt) as they only came for drinks, then on Friday we've had the enjoyment of having our American friends over for dinner. My friend, Kim's younger son attended the same class like Soffi at the Aspire Dome, that's where we know them from... We went to the Tiësto concert with them as well...

I've been cooking half a day, I made a pumpkin cream soup as an American dish, followed by stuffed chicken as a Hungarian dish and strawberry panacotta as desert... everybody loooveed the food very much (except for Cayden), luckily:-),... so it was worth the cooking. I mean I cook every day, at least every weekday, but I always try to keep it simple as possible... so a 3 course dinner is more than what we are used to, but that's just how we like it in our little family.

This is Soffi while waiting for the guests to arrive in daddy's new light composition, which he went to the Souk to purchase and got special tailormade for us- last weekend:-)

We had to take trip to the playground before dinner, and the mummies got to play a little too... This is at 5:30 pm and it's already dark outside!!!

This is Kim's husband, Jamie and their two sons, Batman (Cayden) and Cooper:-)

Some of our neighbours were outside playing as well, this is Ayla, she is always so sweet with Soffi, acts just like a big sister to her...

...and we are starting the dinner, it wasn't this nice and quiet the whole time, or maybe I should say, it was only like this for until the picture was taken, then the kids started getting up from the table, Soffi was rather gonna read a book, it turned into a big mass, just like the whole house, but I guess it's like this with three kids having dinner...:-)

Yeah, see, she seriously starts reading the book instead, so she was fed inbetween, I actually think, she didn't even notice that she has eaten:-)...

...and some more playtime after dinner, play dough rocks!!!!

We had a great time, the kids had lots of fun, they liked my food, we were though exhausted afterwards and still the whole day Saturday, but we will definetally do this again!:-)

2010. október 12., kedd

Birthday party for Charlotte

Last Thursday we were at Charlotte's 2 nd birthday party. She is a friend from the Aspire Zone, where we were going for Soffi's Baby Sensory Motoric class before the summer. Now we are upgraded to the Mother and Toddler class, where around half of these kids still go with us, the other half attends the same class but unfortunetally at another time. Yet are all these kids still Soffi's 'friends' and I like their mothers, so it's a win-win situation:-).
Soffi was having lots of fun, eating like a big girl, running around, singing and dancing.
This is the birthday girl, Charlotte with her cake.
Some more playtime after and during eating the cake, then we were heading home quickly as Peter and I were going out AGAIN:-).


Micsoda nyalánkságot fedeztünk mi fel itt a messzi Dohában, kérem szépen:-). Ilyet még Magyarországon sem lehet kapni! Nagyon hasonlít a Trappista sajtra, de azért inkább a Trappista és a Mozzarella között alakul az íze, a hûtônkben mindig megtalálható:-)!

2010. október 7., csütörtök

Tiësto Concert

Last Thursday we went to a Tiësto Concert at the Intercontinental Hotel and closer defined on the hotel's beach. We knew it was gonna be on the beach we kind of imagined the same wooden floors on the sand like last time we were at a party there... this time: only sand:-)! So I said a proper goodbye to my high heeled sandals at the very beginning and had to carry them around in my hand, but hey, at least people really could see I had a matching purse:-)...

The quality of the pictures are even worse than last time but with a phone in the dark, what can you expect?

We've been out with three other couples all of them used to rave parties (unlike us), even they are older than us, we actually don't especially know much about Tiësto, but when there is finally something happening in Doha you've got to go:-).

There was an Alcohol Island (that's actually what they've called it), where you could buy beer and a couple of other alcohol types, only canned Heineken beer though, which Peter isn't really keen on, but he could just take it or leave it:-)... I was driving, of course, so was very fine with water...
It was soooo hot outside, incredible, most of the people were soaked in sweat, how yammie... There were all sorts of people, I'm not sure Tiesto has played for many nationalities at one place before:-), it was funny to see those Qatari guys -who wear their white 'dresses' every day and make traffic to be horrible for the rest of us with their huge Landcruisers- dance around in shorts and T-shirts like any other people... I haven't seen any Qatari ladies though... but I have seen drunk people, young people... it was strange, you obviously don't see any normally...

There were so many stones, wires, cigarettes in the sand... you really had to watch where you stepped... and of course after the party I didn't want to put my sandals back on again, so I walked to the car on my bare feet, they were black!!! I'm so sorry that I haven't taken a picture of them:-), then you really could have seen how serious this party was:-)...
With my friend, Kim and her husband...
So this video is just a little taste of the concert, the sound is just as bad as the rest of the pictures but that's what we could do, sorry... Don't get scared, it's loud...

We did have a great time, were so tired the whole weekend after though, so we've decided not to do this every week:-), we are too old to this:-)... Fyi. we went to bed at 2 am and Soffi was up and fresh at 5:30 am... niceeeee....