2010. október 18., hétfő

Friday's vistors

We've had a busy week guestwise last week, we've had some Hungarian vistors over last Wednesday, I baked rolls (kifli) and made kind of a meetball dish (fasírt) as they only came for drinks, then on Friday we've had the enjoyment of having our American friends over for dinner. My friend, Kim's younger son attended the same class like Soffi at the Aspire Dome, that's where we know them from... We went to the Tiësto concert with them as well...

I've been cooking half a day, I made a pumpkin cream soup as an American dish, followed by stuffed chicken as a Hungarian dish and strawberry panacotta as desert... everybody loooveed the food very much (except for Cayden), luckily:-),... so it was worth the cooking. I mean I cook every day, at least every weekday, but I always try to keep it simple as possible... so a 3 course dinner is more than what we are used to, but that's just how we like it in our little family.

This is Soffi while waiting for the guests to arrive in daddy's new light composition, which he went to the Souk to purchase and got special tailormade for us- last weekend:-)

We had to take trip to the playground before dinner, and the mummies got to play a little too... This is at 5:30 pm and it's already dark outside!!!

This is Kim's husband, Jamie and their two sons, Batman (Cayden) and Cooper:-)

Some of our neighbours were outside playing as well, this is Ayla, she is always so sweet with Soffi, acts just like a big sister to her...

...and we are starting the dinner, it wasn't this nice and quiet the whole time, or maybe I should say, it was only like this for until the picture was taken, then the kids started getting up from the table, Soffi was rather gonna read a book, it turned into a big mass, just like the whole house, but I guess it's like this with three kids having dinner...:-)

Yeah, see, she seriously starts reading the book instead, so she was fed inbetween, I actually think, she didn't even notice that she has eaten:-)...

...and some more playtime after dinner, play dough rocks!!!!

We had a great time, the kids had lots of fun, they liked my food, we were though exhausted afterwards and still the whole day Saturday, but we will definetally do this again!:-)

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  1. Jaj de jó látni, hogy van kis közösségi élet! ès te ilyen ügyes szakács vagy? töltött csirke nem kis projekt ám... Soffi ennivaló!

  2. Köszönjük szépen, igyekeztem. Ahhoz képest, hogy elsôre csináltam és hogy nem túl egyszerû elkészíteni, fenséges volt:-)... Ja, és látod, hogy Soffin még mindig az a blúz volt, amit tôled kapott, ugyan már utóljára, mert már a hasa kilátszott belôle:-), nagyott nôtt most! Puszi