2010. október 25., hétfő

Soffi's new nursery, Starfish Lane Kids

Two and a half weeks ago, we've moved Soffi from the first nursery to Starfish. We've been quite unsatisfied with Tot's Corner, bisides I had to drive two hours a day to drop her off and pick her up again. So, I'm sure everybody wonders why we even enrolled her there in the first place??? Well, the manager is Danish, there are a few Danish class teachers as well, unfortunately not in the class where Soffi went, there are many many Danish kids going there, but unfortunately not one single in the class where Soffi went, nor any Hungarians... and geographically it's not that far from our house, but it's in a very upcoming area with constructions on every square meter, at they will not be done in couple of weeks, maybe even years... But these were just the top of the iceberg, Soffi was fully potty trained during our summer vacations (day and night), but 2 weeks after she's started there, she's started to have accidents, at first just a few, and then we came to a stage where she had 3-4 accidents a day (imagine all the washing:-) )!!! So on a Sunday when I go to collect her, they tell me that they mean I should give back the diaper on her again, because she's had so many peeing in her pants... and that's with a child who has been pottytrained for almost 3 months! I was very upset, got on the phone with all the experts:-), and has even called Starfish for their professional opinion and of course to ask if they had a place for Soffi, they didn't... So on Monday I go back and tell in Tot's Corner, I will not put the diaper back on Soffi, we don't even own a diaper any more... and just felt that the atmosphere has changed dramatically; they've accepted it but definetally didn't appreciate my decision. So, I called Starfish again on Monday to get back on their waiting list (we've been on it, before we registered for Tot's Corner), and so I've found out they had a place after all... on Tuesday we went to visit the nursery together with Soffi... she liked it, but she was kind of quiet, but hey... she got used to the first nursery and she loved the kids there, she new everybody's name by that time, everybody's!! So Wednesday and Thursday she went to Tot's Corner still, and on Thursday we said good bye...

On Sunday she has started in Starfish, she cried the first week when I left her, but was perfectly fine as soon as I was gone... the accidents stopped completely, and she is happy for it, I'm happy for it, as it takes me between 10 and 15 minutes one way, so in the worst case it's half the time... She is picking up the English rapidly, and just developing wonderfully in general. This nursery is Australian owned, and there is at least one the class assistents who has English as her mother tounge, the class teacher and the other two assistants are from the Philippines, but they're all lovely. They just have a whole other attitude towards everything, including Soffi's pottying.

This is the nursery from the street.
The entrance:
Outside play area:

Inside, while doing some artwork, Soffi loves artwork:

And for the record, these pictures were taken by the nursery. It's not allowed to take pictures inside the nursery, but they took some for me and emailed them, how great is that? It's just so much different, they seem to have check on things over there:-)

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  1. Nahát, ilyet még nem hallottam, hogy a bölcsibe ráadják a tisztaszoba gyerekre a pelenkát... kicsi copfos, de ügyes nagy lány már. Jó, hogy van alternatíva, és sikerült jó helyet találni! Szépnek és gondozottnak néz ki nagyon. És nagyon jó, hogy az udvarra is kiviszik ôket. Még mindig tombol a 30 fok?

  2. Igen, hát mi is nagyon örülünk, Soffi is szereti... Gondolhatod, hogy ki voltam akadva a pelenka miatt...
    Igen, még mindig nagyon meleg van... Reggelente, amikor ôk kinn vannak ugyan annyira még nem süt a nap és 27-29 fokok vannak, de délben azért még mindig 35-40 fok között, de ez nekünk már meg sem kottyan:-), egészen kellemes!