2010. november 2., kedd

Dhow Trip on the Corniche

Two weeks ago we went on a boat trip organised by one Peter's colleagues. We started the trip by the Museum of Islamic Art and sailed out to the Banana island. As it was in week 42 all the Danes had their visitors, so it felt like we were on a charter vacation organised by a Danish travel agency:-), it was nice.
Soffi was quiet at first and even let us put the life west on her, and then she lightened up, we had to walk around all the time with her, luckily there were a couple of other kids as well on the boat, so she had lots of fun.
See the qatari ladies in their abbayas on that small boat, dressed for swimming:-)?
Skyline at sunset:
Most of the people enjoyed jumping of the boat and swimming in the middle of the sea, when it got dark, some even enjoyed a beer in the water:-), which is by the way illegal here.
We were just watching them from the boat:
We had a barbecue dinner buffet on board, and here you see the preparations:
Soffi has found a friend or two, they addored her:
Crab fellow:
The dinner:
Yet with her dudu, it was passed bedtime, but she still behaved better than some of the older kids:
Not too tired to flirt with the captain:-)

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  1. Csodás képek! A nagy melegben biztos jól esett víz környékén lenni?

  2. Jó volt nagyon a túra, bár nagy kedvem nem volt menni az elején, de ez mindig így szokott lenni:-), amit meg annyira vár az ember az meg általában nem sül el olyan jól... De a hajón igen meleg volt ám, amíg le nem ment a nap...