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Goa, India - November 2010

In the 2nd Eid vacation we went to India for a week. This was not one of those backpacker trips, which we all know from Europe, only a nice and relaxing one in a resort in Goa, but you shouldn't expect different with a 2 years old child.

I would probably exaggerate by saying we've had the time of our lives there, but all in all we had a good time. We were not quite happy with our hotel, had to change the room on the second day, the food wasn't too good either, and it was rather dirty, which is very true for whole India. We were constantly worried about the mosquitos and them being a possible source of the malaria. We were always unsure about the hygiene of the food we ate, the cutlery we ate it with, etc.

So, instead of it being a nice and relaxing vacation, it turned out to be quite a stressful one, unfortunatelly. I'm sure we would have had a whole other experience if we didn't have Soffi with us, but we did.

India is beautifully green, it almost hurt our eyes (Especially going there from Qatar), fantasticly rich nature, and it goes for the plants and all the different creatures we've seen (most of them freaked me out). It was an experience for sure, we are happy that we've seen it, but we'll certainly not go back:-).

The beach was lovely, that was the part, which Soffi enjoyed atmost. But again, Peter and I couldn't enjoy just as much, since there was always somebody, I mean in every minute, that somebody just wanted us to buy something from them, pretty annoying after a while, and they just don't accept no for an answer. There were women with their babies in their arms, children bagging for money , just heartbreaking for us to see. India is very poor, and we knew that in advance, but when you see it firsthand, that's different; and they say Goa is the richest part of India, I don't even want to start thinking about, how poor the rest of it must be then.

Soffi was the biggest hit for all the locals, they were looking at her, like they've never seen a white baby before, and they prabably haven't! We've been taken pictures of as a family by some starnger Indian family, visiting Goa. They have never seen European people before. We've had the nicest and smartest Indian man as our guide on or three trips, and he told us, to stop letting them taking our pictures, otherwise we'll never get anywhere:-), and so we did...

Soffi unfortunatelly -against all our precautions- brought home some kind of stomack bug, and have been very sick for 3 days, had to take antibiotics, but now she is almost all recovered...

With time I'm sure we'll only remember the good parts of this holiday, and the pictures will help us doing so:-)...
Here are the rest of the pictures:

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  1. Hûha, sokmindenen átestetek - habár leírásod elszomorít, a képek láttán azért felvidultam, mert mosolygósok vagytok ám... és azért jó kimozdulni a nagyvilágba, gyomormérgezést leszámítva (kevesen járják meg Indiát anélkül) -remélem, hogy Soffi hamarosan felépül, és már csak a jóra fogtok emlékezni!

  2. Igyekszünk mi is elfelejteni a rosszakat ám, de ez a Soffi hasmenése nem segített egyenlôre, bár már tényleg teljesen jól van. Vasárnap már bölcsiben is volt, de szegénykém tiszta láz volt.