2010. november 2., kedd

Halloween 2010

We had the compound Halloween party last Saturday. The people who lived here longer say they always celebrate it in the cpound with games for the kids, dressing up, decorating and of course trick or treating.

So we went on with the idea, altough we've never celebrated Halloween in the American way, we had to do it now, and I was even an important member of the party committee:-).

As we don't own a single Halloween decoration, and as you cannot buy anything Halloweeny here, I had to make my own decorations:-)

This is already the preparations for my squidgi game, a mixture of jelly, cooked spaghetti and grapes, to imitate brain, worms and eyes, yak:-)... and of course some small candies to dig after...

Our decorations:
...while decorating the party area:
... and this is Soffi, ready for the party in her pink princesse dress, she was quite scary with that wig:-). She loved dressing up... I thought at first she wasn't gonna wear a costume, but I could hardly take it of of her after the party. The day after they had Halloween in the nursery, and she wore that dress the whole day:-), even in the sandpit...
... and the party begins... Soffi was horrified of the scary costumes at first.
The apple bobbin game:
Soffi didn't bother picking the apple with her mouth, just picked one with her hand:-)
With our pumpkin:
The scary dance game:
The contestants of the Pumpkin competition:-), we didn't win... but as you can see, some of the pumpkins were rather creative:
This is my squidgy game:-), some of the kids didn't want to touch it at all, Soffi did go for a dig...
The wrap the mummy game:
The wet sponge throwing game, the kids had to aim after one the dads:-)
The games were over, then the kids had a snack, and afterwards the trick or treating started...
... and here I hand over the prize for the winning pumpkin:-)

2 megjegyzés:

  1. Hát ez nagyon mosolygós egy pumpkin ám, pont olyan, mint a miénk... rájöttünk (késôbb) hogy a cél ijesztônek lenni... Soffinak tiszta Lady Gaga haja van! de a tündérkosztüm jól áll ám!!!! Hihetetlen, mekkorát nôtt!

  2. Igen, mi barátságos Halloween tartottunk:-), Soffi még így is meg volt rémülve egy ideig, bár nem sokat fogott fel a dolgokból:-)...
    Tényleg, Lady Gaga!!! Tudtam, hogy valakire nagyon emlékztetett, de ez nem jutott eszembe:-)!