2010. november 28., vasárnap

SOFFI's 2nd birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The day has arrived, Soffi has turned two last Friday! Unbelievable, it seems like she was just born, and she is a real lady, who loves clothes, shoes and dolls:-).

We arranged a party for her in our garden, as the weather is just lovely now for being outside. We've invited 23 children and their parents. As we've been to a couple of parties here now, we've learnt that a birthday party has a starting and an ending time as well, so don't need to be worried about having 20 kids running around your house late in the evening. It was strange for us at first, but now I just think, it's very practical.

Soffi woke up 5:30 am on her birthday, which is very nice, compared to she was up at 3:30 am on the day we held the Gulyás party:-). So we had a lovely time in the morning opening her presents, trying everything on, playing with everything, then a nice breakfast and then we were ready to go on with the preparations to the party.

Helping daddy with hanging up the decorations:

Home made Hungarian flags:-)
The party scene before the party's started:
I made the balloons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The guests started to arrive at 3 pm, and the big present opening begun:
My attempt to a party game...
We had mini pizzas, sussage rolls, fruit and vegetables, chips and Peter's done a little barbecue:
The birthday cake! (Not home made:-))
Ready to sing the song:Happy birthday to you! (Or in Soffi's version: "happy to you")She was all shy, missed over the half of her party, because she was either hanging on me or Peter, she started first playing on her own after we cut the cake. I think she was just overwhelmed by all these people:-).
At 5 pm it's already dark here, but we had guests who arrived just when we were finishing the party...
With Phillippa, one of Soffi's favourite neighbours:-)
The morning after: all party presents had to be open properly:

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  1. Jaj de aranyos a piros gitárjával! Boldog szülinapot (megkésve!!!)

  2. Ziti! Ilyen ugyi szervezok vagytok? Elkepeszto! Es kulon gratula a lufikhoz!
    No es megegyszer B. Sz. a piciny keresztlyanyunknak, nagyon buszkek vagyunk ra!

  3. Hát, köszönjük szépen, igyekeztünk:-)! Puszi