2010. november 2., kedd

WTA 2010 Doha

We visited the WTA tennis tournament last Thursday, we aren't to much into tennis, only a little bit because of my niece and because Caroline Wozniacky, the Danish-Polish girl. So we've left well prepared with a Danish flag even:-).

Soffi was all excited, she kept saying tennis-tennis, well, Peter's trained her during the week and watched the games on TV with her.

Here we are, it wasn't to easy to get in, though! They asked me how old Soffi was, I say: almost 2. ( You never know what's the right answer around this age, as you normally start having to pay for a child after the age of 2) Then the man: under two's aren't allowed! I go: forget what I said, she is 2! No-no-no madame, not allowed! So we've ended up having a big scene, talking with the manager, who then finally let us go inside, well beleived that she is 2 years old. I mean, she is turning two on the 26th of November, what difference does it make to have a child inside that is going to turn two in 3 weeks or have one, that turned two 3 weeks ago??? But hey, rules are rules! I must say that we were not the only ones having this kind of a problem. The Hungarian Consul was cursing right next to us (in Hungarian) with his about 1 year old child; and there were more... and when we got in, the real trouble started- as we could hear from the background: but if they go in, we want to go in, this isn't fair, etc. - but for our deffence, they've all had much younger children with them. We acknowledge the rules, as long as they inform you about them in advance, they aren't to tell me standing in front of the arena that under two's aren't allowed, especially in a city where 90 % of the citizens have small children.
Then we went for dinner in between two games...
When we wanted to go back, the age misery started all over again, in fact at that point above two's weren't allowed any more either! So I said, it's not worth it, and also it was getting late for Soffi, so we headed home. Peter stayed and watched Caroline, she won that game, but unfortunetally ended on a second place in the final tournament. Peter's told me afterwards that they had to call security as a baby was screaming on one of the stands, so how did they get in, did they hide the baby in their pocket???

As you can see, there were not to many spectators on the stands, only on the last two days that almost all seats were taken, and many of them by Danes.

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  1. Jajjj, ez nagyon izgalmas lehetett... milyen modern pálya! Erre nagyon ott szerettem volna lenni!

  2. Igen, én is nagyon szerettem volna látni a Caroline meccsét, de ennyi tortúrát a bejutásért, ezért aztán lehetett jegyünk a VIP szektorban:-(...