2010. december 6., hétfő

Christmas lunch at Nasser Gardens

We had the compound Christmas lunch on Saturday the 4th of December. It was strange to listen to Christmas music and waiting for Santa to arrive outside in 30 degrees Celsius:-).

We had a lovely time, everybody prepared some food, had drinks, took their own table and chairs outside. It was quite convenient for us, as it took place just in front of our house.

"I think, I can see Santa coming!"

There he is, arriving on his bike:-)...
... and he had a helper with him:-)...

Soffi was horrified of him at first:-)...
... and he had presents for everyone...
...for Soffi too:
Bye bye Santa! Thank you for the presents!:-)

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  1. A nagy melegben Télapó pocakja elolvadt... ;) Nagyon eredeti a zsákja meg a szánkója is! Fura lehetett a nagy melegben karácsonyi hangulatot teremteni, de azért látszólagosan jól sikerult!