2011. február 13., vasárnap

Creative time with Mommy:-)

I know, I have been long to come with a new blog, but my computer has been a mess in many ways and I've just generally been busy with all sorts of stuff...

But here I come again finally... This was a weekend in the beginning of February, when Peter had to bring the car to service on a Saturday, so we girls have been creative at home... Soffi loves arts and crafts, and she is actually good at it too, well compared to her age... She is always the first at school too to sit by the table and grab a paper to start... at home we always have to negotiate with her when to do painting and play dough, because she does make a big mess always... so it's not just that half an hour - hour we do it, but also the extra cleaning time...

2 megjegyzés:

  1. Kis mûvésznô... jajj nálunk is a takarítással telik az idô... ezért többnyire apósomnál arts'n'craftozunk.... ;)

  2. Hát,az itt nem megoldható... de hála Istennek általában meg lehet vele beszélni, hogy a papír és ceruzánál maradjon, és akkor nem olyan szörnyû a helyzet utána:-)