2011. március 30., szerda

Playground near Starfish

There is this lovely playground just opposite Soffi's nursery, we've just been there for the first time a couple of weeks ago... Soffi absolutely loved it! We could hardly leave the park. We loved it too, she played on her own, with the other kids and of course with a little help from us:-)... but we could actually also sit and relax a little bit... It's a place we'll definitely visit again!

There were lot's of other kids of many kind, and not to mention our kind as well:-), a whole lot different experience than the playground we've visited on The Corniche a while ago...
Soffi made some friends of course, these two girls simply didn't want to let go of her:-), and Soffi loves being the center of attention, so she didn't mind at all:-)

F1 Qatar Grand Prix

About 3 weeks ago - I know, I know... I'm behind again - we went to see the final day of the Qatar Grand Prix, this is a competition for motorboats, jet-skis both men and women... We managed to get there in last minute, there was one single jet ski left in the water:-)... Typical!
The small carpets on the bushes, ready to lay down in the grass and pray on...
... but never mind we got there late, they've had bouncers and clowns there for Soffi to enjoy herself...
Here they are announcing the results already...
This is the VIP section Arab style:-). Seriously!

2011. március 15., kedd

First visitors

We've had our first visitors last week in Qatar since we moved here a year ago, old friends from Tiszafured. They've been here all in all 6 days, so the time was limited to show them around, but we tried our best and I think we managed to show the true face of Qatar, and the must see places. We went to a desert safari, visited the Pearl, went to the Souq, walk down the Corniche, saw a couple of Malls and most importantly have relaxed by the pool:-). They've enjoyed their stay, as we've heard:-) and Soffi has certainly enjoyed their company.

Desert Safari:
Having dinner at Carluccio's at the Pearl:
Daddy with the potty in the plastic bag:-)
Having dinner at the Souq:

Wilma's visiting and Izabel's birthday

Two weeks ago, we've had a Danish friends over for brunch in the morning, where Wilma is the big sister and Soffi loves her... They've been playing together the whole morning, even though Soffi's Danish is far from good, she made her self understood and I beleive she kind of understood the things Wilma told her:-), it was funny to see them...
The same day in the afternoon we were invited to Izalbel's 5th birthday party in our compound at the pool area... the weather wasn't the best so we didn't swim, unlike those kids, you can see... they've been running around afterwards in huge towels and with purple lips:-), luckily Soffi couldn't even be bothered to go in the water, she was happy eating all the party food:-).

2011. március 12., szombat


My dear daughter has done this to my laptop on the 13th of February, so like that the system didn't work properly wasn't enough, she had to pill all the keys off of the keyboard as well... At first I just went in a chock, started crying and couldn't really do anything about it, I couldn't even tell Soffi how bad idea this was of her...

I must say that I've left my computer on the coffee table in the living room closed down and I've left her unattended for 2 minutes and that's what happened... 2 days have passed before I had the strength to touch it again, and actually ended up with all the keys back on their place except for only one... so now I "just" need to fix the system and that will work for a couple more years too...
But I really shouldn't complain as I got this gorgeous machine as well instead of my old laptop, which is much smarter, much better, much quicker, much more stylish and I'm already in love with it, even though I'm still far from being all compatible with the Mac:-)... But I'm getting there... and when I'm there it will be fantastic!!!:-)