2011. március 12., szombat


My dear daughter has done this to my laptop on the 13th of February, so like that the system didn't work properly wasn't enough, she had to pill all the keys off of the keyboard as well... At first I just went in a chock, started crying and couldn't really do anything about it, I couldn't even tell Soffi how bad idea this was of her...

I must say that I've left my computer on the coffee table in the living room closed down and I've left her unattended for 2 minutes and that's what happened... 2 days have passed before I had the strength to touch it again, and actually ended up with all the keys back on their place except for only one... so now I "just" need to fix the system and that will work for a couple more years too...
But I really shouldn't complain as I got this gorgeous machine as well instead of my old laptop, which is much smarter, much better, much quicker, much more stylish and I'm already in love with it, even though I'm still far from being all compatible with the Mac:-)... But I'm getting there... and when I'm there it will be fantastic!!!:-)

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  1. jaj most már tudom miért voltál ilyen csöndben a blogodon... hát sz´vszaggató látvány a régi latop, de az új sem kutya! Használd egészséggel, nagyon szép, és Soffi-sikringozzad ám!!!!

  2. Hát most már azért jobban vigyázunk, meg elbeszélgettem vele aztán... nem mintha túl sokat érne nála manapság:-)...