2011. március 12., szombat

Pool party on the 11th of February

We've had a lovely pool party on a Friday afternoon in the beginning of February... Peter was in Denmark at that time, so it was only us girls there, we've had fun as long as I could control Soffi's running around the pool activities... Almost all children of the compound were present, so Soffi was way too happy for them, and I was alone with a limited energy level to run after her every second... So we only stayed 2 hours and then I just couldn't do it any more and we went home... The weather was not too hot at that point yet, so we couldn't actually swim in the pool... We had a nice barbecue though and we had a chance to socialize with all our neighbours.
... and here is Soffi as the newest tennis talent of Doha:-)

2 megjegyzés:

  1. Nagyon jól áll neki a teniszütô! Jár már teniszezni? Hamarosan Doha Open? ;)

  2. Most fedeztem fel, hogy egyáltalán is tetszik neki:-)... majd lehet egy pár év múlva...