2011. március 15., kedd

Wilma's visiting and Izabel's birthday

Two weeks ago, we've had a Danish friends over for brunch in the morning, where Wilma is the big sister and Soffi loves her... They've been playing together the whole morning, even though Soffi's Danish is far from good, she made her self understood and I beleive she kind of understood the things Wilma told her:-), it was funny to see them...
The same day in the afternoon we were invited to Izalbel's 5th birthday party in our compound at the pool area... the weather wasn't the best so we didn't swim, unlike those kids, you can see... they've been running around afterwards in huge towels and with purple lips:-), luckily Soffi couldn't even be bothered to go in the water, she was happy eating all the party food:-).

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