2011. április 21., csütörtök

Grandma&Grandpa Labancz visiting in Qatar

Here I am again, finally about to get back in our weekly routine... First of all we've had Peter's parents visiting us here in Qatar for about two weeks. The first family members we could welcome here, Soffi was delighted to have her grandparents around for so long and being absolutely in the center of attention all the time, she stills asks for them sometimes, here now two weeks after they've left.

We've tried to show our guests the true Qatar, and I think for that to see, you do need about two weeks if you don't want to be moving constantly, but also want the opportunity just to chill by pool and enjoy the 35 degrees Celsius in the beginning of April as for a European it's pretty unusual.

The first week Peter was working but was free in the second week, which gave us the chance to see even more. We've been at Katara and saw the Qatar Marine Festival, went to the Souq, The Pearl, walked on The Corniche, visited Peter at his office, well we were not allowed inside the office only in the hall; Peter and his parents - without us girl took a half day desert trip, went to see the Hospital where the youngest Labancz will most likely be born, had breakfast at the Four Seasons Hotel (a typical Friday/Saturday morning for most people here-first time for us though), went to see Soffi's Nursery, have been to several Malls, have done Fun City for Soffi's biggest enjoyment, and of course had a lot of fun at the pool...

At the end, I believe that we've succeeded and have been able to show how people live here and how our everyday looks like, and I believe indeed they've left relieved and could see that it's not that scary to live here as people tend to imagine it when they first hear that we live in Qatar, that it's actually a very good life you can have here (with bad Doha days of course;-) ).

After the visitors have left Soffi returned to the nursery for two days, then we've been sick, and I mean sick... Soffi has started out for three days, and then I followed her for three days:-(, now we are back in normal all of us, and looking forward to our weekend together where we will try to get the most Easter feeling out of our possibilities here...

You'll find the rest of the pictures here from the visit:

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