2011. május 1., vasárnap

Aspire Park take 2

We went to Aspire Park again for about a month ago to feed the duckies. Soffi just loves them! And this time there were like a million fishes in the lake too, so it was a race for the bread between the ducks and the fishes, which made it extra special for Soffi:-). The only problem was the heat, we could stay there longer than 30 minutes, it was just unbearable... Suddenly it became summer here...
Here one of the ducks tried to attack Soffi, luckily Peter was standing right next to her... naughty ducky!
Here the environment friendly girl, the photo was taken especially for Mester Papa :-)
Only 48 degrees of Celsius in the sun:
... and we still bring a potty everywhere, and and and we use it too:-)!!!

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