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Dubai 2011

We've had our second visit to Dubai last weekend. This time we've spent four nights there in the Four Points Downtown Dubai by Sheraton Hotel... Lovely hotel, clean and modern in the heart of the city, not like last time where we were located on the beach. This time we've had some shopping to do anyway, and wasn't just gonna lay by the pool, so we've decided rather to save the hotel price for some other shopping and used the wonderful Maersk deal on this hotel instead and payed the same for the 4 nights as we did last time for 2 nights, including breakfast!!!! Which is otherwise never included in the price around here, no matter how fancy hotel you book yourself into.

Well, well, well... The first day was all about shopping, and not just any shopping,,, IKEA shopping!!!! We've needed new furniture for Soffi as her baby brother arriving in October will need her current ones... and because Doha just cannot provide anything for our taste, and actually there is simply a gap in the market for toddler's furniture, you either have furniture for babies or for teens... nothing in between, very very annoying! But after long planning we've managed to get a decent transport opportunity (well, my lovely logistics genius did:0) and we went for it! I planned it all in advance, prepared the shopping list from the Danish IKEA website (not possible on the UAE one), and how lucky can you be, 99% of the article numbers matched the Arabic ones. Whereas when we once tried the same in Hungary, non of them were the same. So indeed lucky! We succeeded also getting most of the things we needed, apart from a carpet and a changing table, but then of course we bought stuff that weren't on the list:-).

We've had the perfect day, managed to do all the shopping within two hours in IKEA (because the website said they were only open from 10 am till 12 am - so not true, but we didn't mind, as we've had limited space in the cargo and also the huge IKEA store was located in an even more huge shopping mall, which we then could see as well... All in all, perfect start for our mini vacation, and I just love love love IKEA, you don't realize how much you love it and need it, until you one day don't have one nearby!

Second day was dedicated for the Atlantis, which is probably one of the biggest aqua parks in the world, with a big Aquarium, you can swim with dolphins and so on... Everything was nice, but we weren't amazed, we probably expected to much. Although we have to admit that 80% of the aqua park is not for children below 1,1 meter and also not for pregnant women, so we stayed in the baby part, the WOW effect is probably by the parts with the big slides... But we had a nice day anyway, Soffi enjoyed it, she could even take a nap in the shade even though the sunbeds were placed right next to each other, I don't have to say that the place was packed as you can see on the pictures...

Third day we went up for a trip in the famous Burj Khalifa Tower, which is the world's tallest building with it's tiny 828 meters. We were on a tour on the 124th floor, and it was tall enough... The elevator was so fast that we couldn't stop swallowing so that our ears wouldn't pop:-), it was incredible. In the hotel we stayed on the 4th floor and it took about the same time for the hotel elevator to reach the 4th floor as it took for the elevator in Burj Khalifa to reach the 124th floor, unbelievable. The entrance to the tower was inside The Dubai Mall, probably the fanciest mall I've ever seen (Well, we popped in here last year for a quick look, while we were on the city bus tour, so we kind of knew what to expect)! So the day has ended with more shopping. We even needed some groceries that you cannot get in Qatar :-(, funny ha??, no it's frustrating,,, so we've looked around in the grocery shop located on the bottom floor in The Dubai Mall, unbelievable choice of goods again, I must say, I was amazed! And again, I just don't get why can't it be the same in Qatar, I mean it's only one country away, then why??????? There was a small room inside the grocery shop, where the sign said: Pork Section- for non muslims:-), now that was amazing!!!! They were even selling Hungarian Pick sausages (Teli Szalami)!!!!!! We wanted to bring some back, but of course chickened out at the end:-0...

On the forth day, the day we were coming back to Qatar, but only in the evening we went to see the Dubai Outlet Mall (more shopping, I know), recommended by my friend, Kim. Very good experience again! Everything was on a 50-80% sale, and big brands, even designers, fantastic!!! As I'm an "irregular" size with my size 2 (still fits:-)), there were plenty of stuff for me, not so much for Peter though, unfortunately, and almost nothing for Soffi, but don't be to sorry for them, because they've got stuff from the other places:-)! Soffi had her nap there again, perfect for us, then we headed back to the hotel for our luggages and then to the airport. Everything went smoothly, we had a nice 40 minute flight home, and were home 2 hours after our plane has departed from Dubai International Airport.

So, a very nice, short holiday with plenty of shopping, that's what we had, and we enjoyed it very much! To be honest there is not much else to do in Dubai, but do shopping; unless you wanna lay by a pool or on the beach, but we can do all that here in Qatar. We agreed that no other pool beats our wonderful pool here in the compound, then why bother:-)? But quality shopping? You cannot do that here unfortunately, that's for sure, especially if you compare it to Dubai!

The music was provided by Netti:-)! Gracias Amiga:-)

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