2011. május 1., vasárnap

Easter 2011

This year we really tried hard to celebrate Easter in as much of a Christian way as possible in Muslim country, more than last year when we still lived in the temporary house and had hard boiled eggs and that about it for Easter:-).

This year, we decorated the house, painted and decorated eggs, made as much of Easter food as possible without pork, and went to church Sunday afternoon, even though Sunday is the first working day of a week with no consideration to Easter what so ever.
Here we are collecting flowers and leaves for a traditional Hungarian egg decoration, just like I've learned from my Mom:-).
... and here we are already making them...
Soffi helps:
Here they are, ready to go in the water...
In the water with onion shells that will color the eggs to a nice brownish-reddish color...
... and that's what we got:-)
Easter lunch on Friday with no meat:-)
Doing some more egg painting:
... and this is on Saturday where we had turkey ham rolls next to the eggs, very creative:-)...

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