2011. június 5., vasárnap

Vicky and Antonio's birthday party

We've celebrated Vicky and Antonio last Friday...

Party men of Nasser Gardens:
Party women of Nasser Gardens:-):


How would you like to have this creature 3 meters away from your bedroom door??? Sometimes in your bedroom, sometimes in the stairway, sometimes in the hall, etc. ... It freaks me out!!!

This is how it normally goes: I notice the geckos ALWAYS, then I alarm Peter and then the hunt starts... and the hunt is not easy... I mean these things are fast and they can jump 2-3 meters... Freakkkkyyyy... Probably one of the worst things about Qatar!

Soffi often mistakes them by frogs, but these are most certainly not frogs!

Soffi and Daddy

Can't imagine how much they will miss each other (and of course me too) in that one month where we'll be in Hungary and Peter'll still be in Qatar... Going home soon for the summer June 15th!!!!